step 1 assessments

Completing your patient forms online using the free cliexa-SENSE app.

  • Download cliexa-SENSE

    From your iPhone or Android phone, go to the app store and download the cliexa-SENSE app. You can also use the links below from your smartphone or tablet to go directly to the cliexa-SENSE page on your app store.

  • Check Your Email

    You should receive an email from [email protected] containing your password for the cliexa-SENSE app.

  • Log in to cliexa-SENSE

    Use your email address and the password you received to log in to the cliexa-SENSE app. It will then ask you to create a new password. Please keep your username and password in a safe place so only you have access!

  • Complete the Assessment

    Complete the screener questions, consent forms and assessments assigned to you.

If you are unable to download the cliexa-SENSE app, you may still complete your intake forms online by going to